Friday, August 15, 2014

Who says it's cold?

This was the end of February.  He loved being outside.  It was just warm enough to be out during the day.  I had a bit of a hard time getting him inside though.  Trampoline's are too much fun.

Autism Laws

This is my picture for the Autism Law SB57 that passed in Utah this year.  It's not a perfect law but it's a start.

Who needs teeth?

Jason pulled his first tooth.  The sad thing was it wasn't even loose.  It must have been hurting him, because he'd been messing with it for a while.  He got off the bus covered in blood, and I just assumed his gums had been bugging him and he was picking.  You should have seen the look on the bus aids face, poor thing.  When I got him inside I noticed the tooth missing.  Sometimes Mom doesn't understand so you just have to take care of things yourself.


Yes, the title was said in Beavis' voice.

Jason loves fire.  He will come running when we sing "Happy Birthday" not because he wants cake or to wish you a happy birthday, but because there are candles on the cake.  So far he hasn't burned himself.  At least he seems to have some sense of self preservation.

What else could a boy want?

1. get a big box
2. get in said box
3. put weight blanket on
4. grab ipad
5. have a baby wipe to stim with.

This boy was in heaven!!!