Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This mornings goings on

My husbands alarm went off at 5:00am so he could go to the gym. I told him I was freezing and he discovered that the pilot light went out again.  He came back upstairs to find Jason was awake. I think he must've been cold too. So Brett got to stay home and be with the boy. After sharing a shower with dad, Jason finally fell back asleep. He actually slept until about 10:30am. I assure you this is a rarity.

He got up and joined me in my/his room. This is the sweet boy I have.  He climbs up and wants kisses.  He loves my hands...I must be getting wrinkly. 

Then he brought me the syrup. No this doesn't mean he wants pancakes. He doesn't like syrup on his pancakes. I think he's convinced it's soda. I love my boy!

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