Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I want a Tom Bombadil break

Any Tolkien nerds out there? I decided one day when reading the Lord of the Rings series that I liked J R R Tolkien. The reason I liked him is because there wasn't a constant level of stress. You had your stressful times but then there was a peaceful time. Like when the hobbits went to tom bombadills house. Their was noises outside so you knew it wasn't over, but they were safe for a time. Tom took care of them, and they were safe. 

I want my tom bombadil moment. I want a time were things work. Where finances don't scare me, and the kids get along. Maybe the laundry would just do itself and magically everyone would have clean underwear. Maybe someone would knock on my front door and tell us that even though we didn't play we won the lottery, or a years supply if gasoline. Maybe Tye Pennington would tell me they were going to build us a new house, or Ellen would fly us out an award us with a million prizes for just being us. 

My Mom tells me that's not how life works and we just need to problem solve. Strangely tonight I just don't want to. Brett is currently trying to figure out what to do since our oldest daughter broke the handle off the tub. 
At the moment we have no water in the house. 

Who wants to be my Tom? Any takers???


  1. I know how you feel!!! Can't anything go right? I think the Tom Bombadil breaks are the small and simple things. There are storms just outside the door, while inside we are praying or reading our scriptures, going to the temple, etc. those things help us get through. We are safe for a time. Keep smiling that great smile you have.
    Angie Powell

  2. Thank you Angie!!!! It's hard to see the small things sometimes.