Friday, January 3, 2014

This boy...yesterdays goings on

Yesterday of those days.  He was frustrated....anxious.....angry....aggressive....well pretty much everything all rolled into one.  Since Tori broke the shower we had to go to Home Depot.  Jason sat in the cart and stimmed the whole time.  Not unusual for my boy.  One of these days he's not going to be able to ride in the cart anymore.

We did find a Jack-in-the-Box for $3.00 and it did make him smile.

Since Brett had to dig into the shower wall he found out that there were some parts he needed.  We then went to Lowe's which is closer to our home, and Jason decided he wanted to go for a run.  He's pretty good about staying with us now, but he wasn't having a good day.  He took off and ran down a few aisles.  When I finally caught up to him he was on the floor.  I asked him to get up and when I tried to lift him up he kicked me in the knee I was standing on.  Of course he has no idea that he's hurting me, or even what that means, but I wasn't happy with the boy.  I limped around trying not to spout off, and then waited for a good moment to pick him up.  When I went to get him, he got up and ran again.  This time I grabbed him and threw him over my shoulder.  When this happens of course there are a lot of amused smiles from others. Sometimes I want to cry or scream just to make them realize that it's not funny.  They of course are giving me their, "I'm glad it's not me, but I'm sorry it's you" chuckle, so I don't usually lose it in public.

When we got home this is what we heard for about an hour and a half.  I'd like to think I'm the sweet loving Mother that tries to console him, but I'm not.  I've learned that trying to make him feel better only gets me a punch to the face.  So I stay at least an arms length away, and help as I can.

After he settled down from crying he was hyper.  Brett is a Cub Scout Den Leader so he had to leave for their Den meeting.  For some reason Duncan has been wanting to go with Brett to help so he went along.  Our neighbor is also in Cub's so she has Tori babysit while she has to go.  When they all went to leave, Jason raced for the door.  Of course he was pretty much naked.  He doesn't care that it's freezing outside.  He just wanted to go for a ride.  If the car had been warm, I might have taken him for one.  However, it hadn't been driven for a couple hours so it wouldn't have heated up for a good fifteen minutes.  It took me a while to convince him that he needed to come inside.  

I was convinced he wasn't going to sleep.  Brett dealt with the other three while I laid in the bedroom with Jason.  After about and hour Brett suggested we give him another melatonin.  He eventually went to sleep and slept all night.  He was much better this morning.

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