Friday, January 10, 2014

January 8th

Sleep is a glorious thing that we sometimes don't get.  Jason doesn't sleep from time to time.  When he was about eighteen months old, he stopped sleeping.  He withdrew and this was our first eye opener that he had Autism. Here's a few posts from my family blog when it all started going down.

Since Brett worked full-time and I worked from home he had no idea the trauma that Jason caused me when he was home.  He's always been a sensory seeker.  At the time I didn't know what that was, but he never stopped.  He never stopped moving and climbing.  The only time I knew he was safe was when I had him strapped down somehow. And when he wasn't sleeping that meant I wasn't sleeping.

Sleeplessness really sucks, and I'm always looking forward to a good rest.  When he is actually sleepy in the morning the motherly instinct wants him to sleep, but the selfish tired Mommy gets him dressed and puts him on the bus.  I know he's safe at school and I can get a nap before he comes home.

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