Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 10th

Duncan had a swim meet and since Jason is getting too big to leave with my girls for very long he comes with me.  Going to these meets can be a bit of a challenge.  There are a million people, and even harder for Jason, their is a pool.  So This is why I came up with his harness system.  I can go support my other children, (cheer for them, watch their activities, actually take pictures of them, not have to pretend that I saw the score they made when they are so excited about it) and Jason is safe.  Jason requires constant watching.  I can't take him anywhere with out holding his hand or picking him up.  He's almost 60 lbs so picking him up is getting hard.  I know I'm a spectacle wearing my son attached to me, but if my oldest son didn't want me there he wouldn't do this.

OK....maybe he would look at the camera cross-eyed, but at one point he put his head on my shoulder and snuggled in.  If we embarrassed him to much 0then he would tell me to stay home....I might not....but he would at least tell me.

The other thing that is necessary is planning things to keep little fingers busy.  There are always treats and drinks just hanging out on the floor. If I don't have these things available I have to wrestle the drink, that has been on the floor for who knows how long and of course covered in someone elses saliva, out of Jason's hands.  Then of course it's time for a major melt down. So that's where the gummy bears came in.  They are very chewy and small enough for his little hands.  Gummy bears are something he has just recently rediscovered.  Bad thing with Gummy bears is that Jason drops them on the floor and then he eats off the floor.  Again, if I fight with him melt down city.  So.......this mama chooses her battles.  I try to grab them as I see them, but I don't freak out over some floor food.  If I did, I'd be freaking out a lot.

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