Friday, January 10, 2014

January 7th

Jason getting out of his carseat is not new.  It's just a repeat of things from the past.  However, I think he's getting so big that he's getting stuck as he tries to shimmy out of his seat belt.  This is new.  

Trust me.  Getting these big feet untangle from the seat belt can be a lot of fun when the boy doesn't actually know you're trying to help.  It's like a trying to shew a fly out of the car.  

His stimming is pretty constant.  He sits really close to a wall or door and yells or claps or talks.  Sometimes I wonder which ancestor he's visiting with that I can't see.  Maybe his Great Grandparents come to visit.

We realized that our children hadn't watch the Lord of the Rings movies.  Now that they are old enough to not have nightmares about Orcs we have had a movie night.  I discovered something.  The Lord of the Rings has insanely long credits.  The credits are something that Jason has watched from the time he was tiny.  If you turned the T.V. off before the credits were done he would have a massive meltdown.  The meltdown doesn't happen anymore but he loves to watch credits.  Brett went to the store and back again before they were over.  I would say he sat transfixed for about 30 minutes.

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