Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow fun

My family went sledding last Saturday.  Jason didn't even want to look at the sledding hill, he wanted to play on the park.  He does everything differently, but I couldn't believe he was leaving his coat, gloves and hat on.

Then the shoes started coming off.  So I put him in the car so he could be warm enough to take all the extra layers off.  He had his iPad so I figured I was good for a couple minutes.

While I was taking pictures of the other kids Jason got out of the car.  I of course knew this was going to happen but I had hoped I'd catch him before he got to far from the car.  My little man is a fast little bugger.  He found a puddle.  Thankfully it wasn't too cold, so he was ok.  No tears from feet cold induced pain.  I brought him to my Dad while I got his shoes and coat out of the car.

While I was doing that Duncan climbed the hill with him and took him down on the tube barefoot and no coat or gloves.  And of course they both loved every minute of it.

Then it was time for dinner and birthday cake.

Dinner was chili so his shirt got removed, and then there was cake.  Cake is something that Jason has just barely discovered is good.  He got his hands in his cake and went after my older sister.  She is the most clean, pristine person I've ever met. I watched her and her husband trying to clean him up, and they both were jumping away from his hands like they were vipers.  I laughed so hard I could hardly contain myself.  I took the wash cloth from my brother-in-law and finished up.  Sometimes family is so entertaining.

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