Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tori and Jason

I cannot tell you how fantastic my kids are.  They really do so much for me and for their little brother.  They watch him for me, usually without complaint.  They check on him when I'm doing something and it seems too quiet.  They love and hug him, and play with him.

Tori has been having an issue at school with a couple of kids in Health class.  Tori is one of those kids that if you aren't following the rules she'll tell you you're not.  This has been a problem in the past and I think continues to be for her.  I always tell her, "Just worry about Tori. If the other kids aren't doing anything that is affecting your standing, just worry about Tori."  I've told her multiple times to talk to her teacher about these boys, but I don't think their teasing was bad enough for her to bring it up with the teacher.  I think she just wanted to express her frustration about these boys to a safe person, Me.  Well yesterday she said, "I think my bully problem is taken care of."  I asked her what happened.  She said she talked to the teacher about them.  I of course wanted to know what made her break down and tell him.  She said, "Mom, everything was OK until they started making fun of Jason."  I'm sure Tori shared with her class or the kids around her some of the fun things Jason does and the fact that he has Autism.  So just to get under her skin these boys said something rude about her little brother.  Well, that was it.  She told her teacher, who is marked as one of the toughest in the school.  He said he'd be keeping them after class and have a chat.  I'm anxious to find out how today went for her.

My kids don't put up with anyone teasing their little brother.  Even if these people haven't, and will never, meet him.  They love him to pieces and will protect him through thick and thin!!!

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  1. It's actually because of Facebook. One of the kids is her friend there and Jason keeps sending game requests. He complained to her, and she explained why. Then they started making fun of Jason. (This is coming from what our other son told me.)

    Duncan was on the lookout for them to have a word about his little brother too.