Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Last Few Days

January 3rd was a fun day.  Jason was on one.  He was constantly going, and thankfully Brett moved the swing to the master/jason's room.  There is just more room in there for him to go.  He very quickly figured out the fun of climbing on the bed and swinging.  So far we have only had one crash, and he learned that hurts.  We haven't seen that again.

Then the older kids had a meeting about the school musical.  They are so excited to go, and Grandma and Grandpa were going to the symphony.  So Jason got to go with us, we do have other children to support.  When we got there Jason was off the walls.  I couldn't believe how many people there were showing up for a Jr. High musical.  I tried to keep him contained for a few minutes and decided it wasn't going to work.  I sent Duncan out to the car for Jason's harness.  This is something I don't like to sport that often. Looks, glares, questions are generally something I like to avoid.  But when you have your child on a leash it will bring them.  It wasn't possible to hold him in my lap for an hour, he's just getting to big for me to hold.  The harness has been a good thing for us, so I thought I would share.

Jason is wearing a climbing harness from here.  I clipped a $3 carabiner from the key chain section on the harness, got a $5 dog leash to hook on the carabiner, and a $3 tool belt for me to wear.  I slip the handle end of the dog leash over the tool belt and clip it around my waist.  I know he's safe and I can focus on the meeting.  Trust me, when I say this is not for fun.  The whole meeting was me being pulled off the bleacher, but my older two both have lead parts in the play and they couldn't be more excited.

I found Jason yesterday morning in between the couch and the armoir.  He had taken his diaper off and was enjoying the heater.  Yes.....he like tight spaces, warm air, and no clothes.

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